Cathodic E-Coat

Al products listed below can be clear, tinted, opaque or black and white:

HD(view product data sheet)

Multi-application e-coat. Standard e-coat with multiple application ability. Originally designed for door hardware, it is also used for lighting, plumbing and consumer goods.

TEKTOR(view product data sheet)

Line of e-coats using dry film lubricants. Material can be tailored to meet specific wear or abrasion applications.


Engineered to meet lowest VOC limits. Latest generation e-coat. High performance, low VOC.

NS Matte(view product data sheet)

Provides ultra-flat satin finishes and maintains corrosion and chemical properties.

ULTEC(view product data sheet)

Line of e-coats made for the jewelry industry. Provide excellent clarity and chemical resistance with lower (248°F) curing temperature.

HSR(view product data sheet)

ClearClad’s first product to meet rigorous BHMA perspiration testing. For many years our leading product in the door hardware and plumbing industries. Excellent choice for any application that needs excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.

HSR 415(view product data sheet)

Built on the HSR platform. When combined with nanoceramics, it becomes our NANOKLAD product, a very hard chemical resistant coating.

UVICLAD(view product data sheet)

Mercury lamp and LED curable product. Designed for conductive plastic, plated plastic or substrates that are exposed to normal thermal cure cycles.


High resolution system for production of printed circuit boards, nameplates and photo fabrication.

LC (408)(view product data sheet)

ClearClad’s best depth of imaging coating. With its ultra-clear deposit it is a great fit for high polished surfaces where cosmetics are critical.

DV-200(view product data sheet)

Originally designed for bulk coating of fasteners. Low film build (5-10 microns) allows for minimal thickness to maintain critical dimensions on moving parts.