Results of a Study Conducted by North American Die Casting Association on Plating and Finishing of Zinc Die Castings

09 November 16

Plating & Finishing of Zinc Die Castings


The tests were run for three (3) months. No interim inspections of the panels occurred during that time. At the end of the three months the panels were removed from the racks, rinsed in tap water to remove soluble salts, dried, and visually inspected. Two people looked at the panels together and agreed on scores for the individual panels. The scoring, as discussed in the preliminary report, was based on a maximum value of ten, with points deducted for observed imperfections in the finish. Because the panels were not always visually perfect at the start of the test, a color photograph of each panel was consulted to be sure that any noted finish deficiencies actually occurred during the test. Each panel was judged against an unexposed panel with the same finish, as well as against the unfinished control panels that had gone through the same test exposure. The finishes were scored as to their ability to protect the panel against corrosion during the test – as compared to an unfinished zinc panel…

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